Juice Fast - Raw Diet - Healthier You

I have begun a juice fast that just may not be the typical type you may consider.  I have investigated many types of juice fasting and find that most people will not complete a juice fast due to being hungry, bored or no energy.  I have talked to Joel of Ask Barefoot on Curezone and he has advised me about the best way to fast.  He is a gentle man and is very easy to work with. 

This time of the year there are many fruits in season perfect for juicing, such as pineapples, grapefruits, oranges, pomegranates and lemons.  Let's not forget about tangerines too.  You do not need to get bored, you can juice all different types.  I also juice apples to help let the toxins flow freely out of the body.  When juice fasting, any type of juice will do and you do not have to be so strict.

The things you do want to do is to have some type of plant fat per day, at least 1 tablespoon and for the first three days you will want to take some epsom salts and water mixed.  I tried fasting before and got deathly sick due to the fact the toxins were not being secreted through the urine, but through my skin.  I have learned that you must help the body.

Simply put 1 tablespoon of epsom salt in a small pot, along with two cups of water.  Heat the water slightly to desolve the epsom salts and when the water has cooled, drink.  It tastes yucky.  I do this in the morning, so I don't have any accidents at night.

He also suggested taking one drop of oregano oil and olive leaf.  You can take up to 21 capsules of olive leaf, but 9 is sufficient.  Now I am talking about dried leaf that has been put into capsules, not supplements.  You can use avocado as your plant oil, but limit it and don't eat more than 1/2 to 1 small one per day.

You can snack on a few nuts or seeds if you get very hungry or eat a cucumber or two.  It is not necessary to starve yourself.  The next day it will be easier for you to handle the fast and by day 3, you should be ready to juice fruit alone.  If you find that you cannot fast on the juice, then eat the fruit, but chew the fruit to a liquid form.

For people who simply want to increase their health, you can eat a salad a day and juice the rest of the day.  Raw diets and juicing can be intermixed for longevity.  I saw a man on a video who lost 170 pounds in 10 months on a raw diet and he inspired me.  Sadly to say many of these people are turning this into money making gimmicks.

I am thrilled to begin my fast an so hope you guys can join me soon.  No better pleasure did I have today than to juice some very large red ruby grapefruits.  Remember if you are hungry, have more juice or some of the suggestions listed above.