Alzheimer's Patients Treated by Playing Games

Researchers at the New England Journal of Medicine and Rush Alzheimer's Disease center conducted some studies of the effect of game playing and its effect on Alzheimer's patients. Dr. Joe Verghese at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine found that playing board games helped in the reduction of dementia.

They found that using the brain to think and the physical activity to play the games increased brain function and aided in warding off Alzheimer's. The study showed that internet computer games were more effective than normal daycare therapy sessions. People who played brain enhancement games had reduced their chances of Alzheimer's by 47 percent.

What is dementia:

Dementia is a debilitating problem with the brain, where a person can not remember, learn, communicate and eventually, can loose the ability to talk. It will become increasingly difficult to take care of their self, also. You might notice slight changes, such as untidiness around the home, mood swings and anger. The person with Alzheimer's or dementia, will not see what is happening and will not be aware that they are any different than before.

Researchers believe that the computer games and programs aimed at increasing your mental activity and mental function, can be helpful in addition to the medications which are being used with the disease. The brain fog is the worst with Alzheimer's and no matter how you try to focus, it is very difficult. Trying to explain to family members, what you are going through is very difficult .

Trying to concentrate enough to remember to turn off the water or remembering when was the last time your prayed, is increasingly difficult. So as the dementia increases, you must look for something to alleviate the stress. Playing games, causes the brain to have interaction and get excited with the thought of winning. It is a process of concentrating on the game and less on me. So, as you sit quietly, playing your games and concentrating, the fog lifts and hopefully feel much better.

List of internet computer games:

1.Shockwave Joker poker. It is fun and relaxing and maybe seeing the cards go very fast, makes my brain work better.

2. Bookworm. is a good brain teaser and increases the mental process. . As the burning tiles come down and I am forced, to come up with a word immediately or lose, I scramble for the most fun.

3. Games like Bubble Shooter and Jewel Deluxe. They are fun and very colorful and very relaxing.

4. A game of solitaire. There is nothing more relaxing than solitaire.

5. There are many educational games on the internet and you should find, what makes you happy and relaxes you. Keeping a brain in a dark room is death. Opening the mind to possibilities creates life.

It has been proven, that one of the best ways to keep the mind occupied is with learning a new language. So if you get bored with playing games, then you can learn a new language. Really anything that causes you to think is good.

There is a new study about Alzheimer's brain empowerment. It states that the one thing that helps more than most is searching the Internet for research not just normal searching. If one will spend their time, researching a new cure for Alzheimer's, this is a good thing.

There is nothing more scary than losing your ability to think and comprehend. There is nothing more frightening than not being able to talk. All the research in the world, cannot make a person understand what it is like, but anything that increases brain empowerment is a thing we all must do. Games, how fun this medicine is.