Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Heachaches and Migraines

There is nothing so debilitating as a throbbing headache and there is nothing that causes more time away from employment. Thousands and thousands of hours are lost each year by employees suffering from headaches and migraines. They are spending billions of dollars on doctors, injections and pharmaceutical medicine and some are even ending up in the emergency rooms.

With the majority of pharmaceutical medicines not achieving the results headache sufferers are looking for, they are turning more and more to natural methods.

Many are trying to self diagnose their self with some or little results to not having enough knowledge of drug interactions. A simple check on the Internet would reveal which herbs and seeds have side affects. Some wonderful natural medicines such as ginger and turmeric cannot and should be mixed with medicines. Especially if you are pregnant or getting ready to have an operation, don't take natural medicines. 

Olive leaf and grape seed, which have no drug interaction but they do not cure headaches. When starting any homeopathic remedy you must remember their motto "Do no Harm." That means, to be careful how you are self diagnosing yourself and study, study, study.

The best and the quickest headache relief is Black Seed or Black Cumin, some know of it as Nigella Sativa. It is easy to use and very inexpensive compared to the huge cost of pharmaceutical medicines. You simply rub some of the black seed oil on the back of the neck and on the temples and about the eye and place some drops at the base of the nostrils. Take 1 teaspoon of the oil with one teaspoon of honey, first thing in the morning before breakfast. Massage the oil on the areas that I told you, 3 times a day and it should be gone as quick as it came. It is a remedy that has been used for over two thousand years. They even found black seed in the King Tut tomb, proving that centuries ago they regarded this as the most valuable herb.

Prophet Mohammad said, "Use this seed frequently, as it is a cure for all disease except death." Many historians feel that the blessed seed also refers to honey so the use of the black seed and the honey is suggested. The seed needs to be heated first to get rid of the bitterness and then it can be ground. It is good to mix the ground seed and the honey and eat daily. There is no problem with eating the seeds on a full stomach but not the oil.

To heat the seeds, merely put them in a skillet on low heat and stir them often and wait till the seeds have a bland taste and then place them in a grinder and grind. They are also wonderful in many breads and some even use it instead of pepper for seasonings. The uses of Black Seeds is tremendous. There are some recent studies showing the effect that it has on Pancreatic Cancer also. The black seed kills the pancreatic cancer cells and revives new cells, thus causing a huge breakthrough for sufferers of Pancreatic Cancer.

The best way to treat a migraine other than using the blessed seed, Black Cumin, is to live in a dark atmosphere. Using eye compresses also work. Keeping your stress to a minimum and avoid all trigger foods. These trigger foods are dairy, chocolate, eggs, aged cheeses, coffee and even weather changes. At the first sign of a migraine it is important to start the prescribed treatment and then follow through with the proper diet avoiding trigger foods and all stress. The aim of this protocol is to rid you permanently of migraines. I know, as I use to have migraines and now they are all gone, and it is a misery I don't wish on anyone.