Infidelity: How to Regain Trust of Your Love Ones

You sit all alone in a very dark room. You feel numb from the waist down and all you can think of is food. I want to eat, I want to feel good and yes oh God I want to die. "Please Lord, take me now, please Lord, I want to die." Did you ever feel that way? Did you ever feel so low and so depressed that you are numb. You have intense brain fog and you just can't think.

Your husband cheated on you, the louse, the creep, the ..........., I could plot his death right now. He walks in the dark room and says to you, "How can I show you I love you, how can you ever trust me again?" You just turn away and cry. She has to be honest with the situation and face what has happened. He tries every single day to gain her trust, but he can't. How can she trust him again?

Her husband does not give up though, as funny as it sounds he loves her, he truly loves her and he will keep trying. He has done many things over the last few weeks to show her he is there now. He made a mistake, a huge mistake and he feels bad, he looks at her and tears start to stream down his cheek ,but she will not let him close.

This Scenario Could be You:

This scenario could be you. It could be exactly how you will feel one day and how can a man who cheats on you regain your trust? There are a few proven ways that may help. Each case is different. Each case must be judged on the entire scenario not just this example. Did the man cheat once or did he get caught once? Does he have a history of abuse and other women or is he not worth looking at?

Attention and Lots of it:

The number one thing you must do now is to give your spouse lots and lots of attention. Being home on time, calling several times a day and always, always saying how much you love her or him 20 times a day. Whether you feel that way or not, you must reassure the person you love them.

Plan outings away from the home, such as a date night out or plan a trip to Las Vegas. Find time when you can be alone with the one you hurt. Chances are the other person will not agree to such an outing for a long time after the original hurt, but in time with much attention, the two of you will regain trust again.

It would be wrong of me or anyone to tell you it is an easy process. It is not. You will have to beg, borrow and steal practically to regain the trust you lost. Are you willing to try? Are you willing to give everything you have to win her back?

Flowers Work Every Time:

If it is not flowers, it should be gifts. Somehow the fact that you have to buy your way back into her or his grace again. Did you ever feel like the guilty has to pay for their sins, well here is the perfect scenario. Sorrowful men should always bring flowers. If she is not speaking to you then lay the flowers on the table and leave a note. "The day I met you I saw roses, the day I almost lost you I saw fear."

The next day you bring a gift again and lay it on the table. Maybe a small gold ring with a sapphire will do. Just leave a note and say, "This is how I think of you, a prize possession and a treasure." Is it working? Is she opening the door a little bit. Okay now it is time for the real slam dunk approach.

Buy her an all expense paid treatment at a luxury spa for 3 days. Where they will pamper her, manicure her nails, give her massages daily and put her on a health conscious diet. She will relax in the spa daily and she will think about you too. Tell her that you think the two of you need some time apart to think and that you will agree with whatever she wants. Tell her, "I love you so much it hurts. I will do whatever you say, when you say and if you tell me to go I will go." Leave one yellow rose on the note with the tickets.

Guaranteed, you are in the door, but not all the way yet.

Infidelity is for Morons:

Okay, you did the ultimate sin, and you may of lost the love of your life and now is the time to ask yourself is it worth the one night away you had? Now is the time to look in the mirror and say, "I don't like you." Now is the time to change. If you don't change and change fast, you will lose and you will never be able to get her back again.

Women are smart. They can see through all the flowers and the candy and they can see you. If you are not completely sincere, don't even attempt the things in this article. First agree that you made a mistake and then make amends. It takes time and it may take years to repair all the damage, but hopefully you two love each other enough to try. You have to try or like the note says, just go away.