Starwest Botanicals Greenpower Blend - A wonderful Burst of Life

Chris Wark had on his website he was ordering some greens from a company PHresh Greens.  On his Face Book Page, a woman suggested Starwest Botanicals brand instead.  When comparing prices and ingredients, I was more convinced to buy the Starwest brand.  PHresh Greens cost $35 for 5 ounces and Starwest Green Power Blend cost $21.95 for 1 pound through Iherb.  That means the Starwest brand had 11 additional ounces.  The big kicker for me was Iherb would ship my order to Jordan via UPS.  UPS handles the customs and brings it direct to my door.

I was so thrilled with the ingredients that I ordered my mom some too.  With Iherb, you get free shipping when you purchase $20 or more.  So for my mom I added in some probiotics which were on sale for $1, some South Africa Shea Butter and some organic ginger and my total cost was $33.  What a steal.

Ingredients: Made with organic barley grass, organic wheat grass, organic spirulina, organic spinach, organic alfalfa leaf, organic kelp, organic dulse leaf, organic orange peel, organic barley grass juice, organic beet root, organic dandelion leaf, organic lemon peel, organic ginkgo leaf and organic wheat grass juice in vegetable capsules.

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