Natural Ways to be Free of Headaches

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The dull throbbing pain of a headache can be treated with natural and home remedies. Sometimes, these simple remedies work much better than prescription medicine, are not addictive and have no side effects. Migraine sufferers may find that these natural remedies for headaches can treat, prevent and help to avoid days off of work due to misery and pain.

Home remedies for headaches

These home remedies for headaches are very simple and the cost is very minimal. Headache relief cannot be compared with treatments used for migraines, but the sufferers may use these natural alternatives when the migraine starts from the very beginning. A full fledged migraine will only be treated temporarily with these remedies. Here are some simple things to do:

1. Place a gel eye pack in the freezer and freeze completely. When your headache strikes, place the eye pack on your face for instant comfort. If you do not have a gel pack, then wet a face cloth and freeze the cloth. It can be applied in the same way.

2. Pressure works great on headaches and especially migraines. This simple cure for headaches will give you immediate relief. Take a long cloth, such as a neck scarf for winter and wrap it around your temples. Tighten this as much as you can. The extreme pressure will cause you to feel relief.

3. Massages you temples and forehead with gentle pressure.

4. Make sure to sit in a dark room, as light is your enemy. Cover your eyes with a wet cloth or scarf.

5. Take hot showers and drench your head under the hot water. Make sure to allow the hot water to massage the back of your neck.

Trigger foods for migraines and headaches

Natural remedies can be used for both migraines and headaches. Home remedies for migraines must be started on the slightest indication of a headache. Make sure that the first thing you do is to drink lots of fluids, keep the rooms dark and avoid headache trigger foods such as chocolate, cheese, alcohol and cold ice cream.

Other foods that may trigger a headache are:
  • Organ meats,
  • Peanut products,
  • Pizza,
  • Dried fruits,
  • Breads, and
  • Artificial sweeteners.
Simple natural remedies for headaches

These headache treatments may seem old fashion, but they work on the majority of headaches.
  • Place one teaspoon of vanilla in a glass of water and drink. Repeat if necessary.
  • Massage your temples with black cumin oil. Place a few drops in your nostrils too.
  • Massage your temples with peppermint oil.
  • Eat several ginger snaps.
  • Place some minced ginger in a glass of juice and drink.
  • Practice EFT (tapping on the nerves) and repeating positive affirmations.