Best Chronic Pain Natural Remedies

Athletes, Realtors, construction workers, elderly and victims of accidents and debilitating diseases can suffer from chronic pain. Chronic pain can drive you insane without any relief. The constant nagging and sometimes unbearable pain can cause many to reach for anything in sight to stop or limit the misery. I can tell you from personal experience however that there are many natural remedies that cost a fraction of the cost of any pharmaceutical medicine now available with no side affect when taken correctly.

I suffer from chronic pain due to calcified bone on my left foot. The calcified bone is shaped like a nail at the back of my heel and each time I take a step this nail presses out on the skin and nerves. The doctors tell me the only remedy is to have cortisone injections and I absolutely refuse as cortisone is very bad for the immune system and the entire body.

It is a crippling condition causing me to have to use a cane at times.  After a year of suffering, I found how to treat this condition that did not heal with most remedies.  Due to my knowledge of natural remedies and medicines, I have chosen to treat my problem the natural way and with out drugs. There are many things that work very well and remedies that will cause the inflammation to subside and give relief. When taking any natural remedy remember to always check the side effects and warnings.

Cayenne Pepper Used in the Treatment of Chronic Pain

Cayenne pepper should be in everyone's cabinet and is very inexpensive. If you cannot find cayenne pepper, look for the hottest red peppers available. Many stores have whole red peppers that have been dried. Simply grind them in a coffee grinder for use in this recipe. Chronic pain will not subside in a ten minute period. Most will need help throughout the day. So after making this recipe, sip it throughout the day.
In a glass of water add in 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne, 1 tablespoon of raw apple vinegar and 2 teaspoons of raw honey. Mix this well. Sip this throughout the day. The cayenne is very hot and you may need an additional glass of water to drink afterwards.

Getting use to cayenne is the trick and you should gradually increase the amount of cayenne used. Cayenne is very good for open cuts to seal them quickly and a perfect way to stop a heart attack. Simply take 1 teaspoon of cayenne and a glass of water. Drink it down very quickly when any sign of heart pressure starts. The cayenne will open up the veins and will allow the patient to breathe again.

Easy Pain Relief Formula

Besides cayenne, ginger and turmeric are also used for pain and to reduce the inflammation. For chronic pain remember that when using ginger and turmeric, it takes time to build up in your system. When these two herbs are taken daily, the pain will be less and easier to manage. You should never mix ginger and turmeric with pharmaceutical medicines and never take these herbs if you are pregnant, as they may cause an abortion.

The perfect chronic pain remedy is 2 heaping tablespoons of ginger, 2 heaping tablespoons of turmeric and 1 tablespoon of cayenne powder. Place this in a jar and mix well. Place 1/2 teaspoon of this mixture in a half glass of water and drink immediately. Make sure to rinse all the herbs down with additional water if any herbs remain in the glass.

Glucosamine Sulfate for Chronic Pain

Besides the very simple remedies listed above Glucosamine Sulfate is very good to use. Many use Glucosamine Sulfate for knee problems, but it is also great for chronic pain. Sometimes chronic pain may be a sign of something else, such as a broken bone or a disease that needs medical attention.
I went to get an x-ray of my foot and found out that I did not have a broken bone as I suspected. So elimination of suspected problems is always advisable. Once I discovered my problem, I started taking 1 tablet of Glucosamine Sulfate daily. I found immediate relief with this natural supplement. One of the best brands is Questamine, a UK company.

My Other Suggested Remedies

The other thing I highly suggest is black cumin oil, also known as Nigella sativa. Black cumin oil is documented to help in all types of pain and will reduce inflammation. According to Prophet Mohammad, "There is healing in black seed for all diseases except death."

Other natural remedies to use are aconite, boswellia, Echinacea, kava, passion flower and pau d'arco. Each one of these herbs has been used for pain and the relief of symptoms. No remedy is right for everyone and it may take trial and error to find the best one for you.

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