Gluten Intolerance on the Rise

What exactly does gluten intolerance mean? Gluten intolerance means that the body is unable to digest grains, such as wheat, oats, barley and rye.  You may complicate your system and cause future problems, such as cancer and intestinal problems.  Leaky gut may be formed from this inability to digest wheat also. 

Breathing is a part of life and as I looked around I found this article:

(NaturalNews) New research shows that people with wheat allergies and gluten intolerance have a higher risk of heart disease, cancer and death. Gluten is also found in beer. Wheat or gluten intolerance plague many people and cause gastric disturbances, but research now shows chronic health conditions are triggered by gluten intolerance, gluten sensitivity, and the extreme form of wheat allergy called celiac disease.

Many people suffer from gluten intolerance and are not aware that this is the cause of their symptoms. Symptoms can include irritable bowel disease, canker sores, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, osteoporosis, anemia, cancer, autoimmune disease, MS, and neurological problems such as depression, anxiety, dementia, schizophrenia, nerve damage, migraines, epilepsy, and autism.

An article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association reported on a study with over 30,000 patients. The data was collected from 1969 until 2008. Divided into three groups, the patients either had celiac, had intestinal inflammation but not full-blown celiac disease or had gluten sensitivity. Those individuals with full blown celiac disease had a 39% higher risk of death. The risk was 72% for those with intestinal inflammation, and 35% for those with gluten sensitivity.

So if gluten can attack the intestines this way and cause many severe side effects,cancer, death and more, eating bread, pasta and oatmeal may be as bad as smoking a pack of cigarettes or drinking too much.  The labels are there and they look delicious so is it possible that the rise in gluten intolerance has more to do with the processing than it does the wheat itself?

The soil is depleted of nutrients, some say from 75 to 90% and so the wheat that is grown in the grown is now not as healthy as it was in our "grandmas" time.  This may be why we are seeing a sudden increase.  Lets think about our diets more.  My father would never sit down to a meal unless we had potatoes and bread.  Here in Jordan, bread is the main food besides rice.  Everything we eat is with bread.  We eat bread and oils for breakfast with an oregano dip and eggs, all not healthy.  We eat one main meal for lunch and dinner with rice, meat usually and breads.  Before long you can see why Jordan has a huge percentage of both cancers and diabetes.  I do not eat meat, just an example.

Delving further to prove my theory I found another article by Doctor Rodney Ford, MD

Faulty brain control

Eureka! The solution came when deep in discussion with my friend and colleague, Ron Harper, Professor of Neurobiology, UCLA. We were both struggling with the concept of multiple symptoms that needed to be explained. The answer appeared absurdly simple: disturbed "brain control". It suddenly seemed obvious—gluten could disturb the neural pathways of the body. Gluten was gradually damaging the brain and the nerves of susceptible people. It was the brain that was the common pathway for the manifestations of all of the gluten symptoms.
Now gluten causes brain and nerve problems.  It is a wonder more don't die of strokes.  Is having bread with your meal that important or is it not time to eliminate bread, pasta and all derivitives from the plate. I have decided to give up wheat and am now looking for something to soothe my taste buds.  It is an addiction really. Nothing seems to go right.  How can I eat guacamole without bread.  Soup just needs some bread or crackers and of course there goes my sandwich crave.

There are many articles on the danger of wheat and I must now agree that they are 100% correct. Dr. Mercola states you should not eat bread, but twice a week.

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I have a dear friend on Curezone and her exact instructions to me were to give up all forms of bread.  She is 74 years old and a recovering stroke victim.  She found with the removal of bread she was better immediately.  The more I read, the more I realize that wheat is not my friend, but the worse enemy I have ever made.  It is time to make new friends and live longer.