Alzheimer's Disease: A 3 Part Story on Treatment, Recovery and Survival

This year 2010, there will be 500,000 new cases of Alzheimer's disease and by the year 2050 America will see one million new cases of Alzheimer's disease.  One person every 70 seconds is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.  It is both a debilitating and a very frightening disease that cannot be positively diagnosed until after death. This series will delve into the causes, warnings, treatments, cures and preventions of Alzheimer's disease.

Anyone who has ever known someone with Alzheimer's will testify of the severity of the disease.  With proper detoxification and diet, Alzheimer's is reversible.  The protocol is extensive and begins with positive thinking, amalgam removal, and detoxing the body.  It then ends with the elimination of aluminum, gas appliances and all processed foods.

Warning Signs and Causes of Alzheimer's Disease:

Some of the main warning signs of Alzheimer's disease are memory loss, difficulty handling daily routines, visual problems, difficulty in speaking and becoming anti-social.  The memory decreases slowly and then your forgetfulness increases.  The inability to do simple tasks increases and manners and personality are affected to the point where anger is involved.  Depression sets in with news of the disease and many turn to pharmaceuticals to solve the problem, but this only worsens the condition.  Looking for the cure has taken on new demands as Alzheimer's disease exceeds cancer, in being the disease most Americans fear the most. 

It is imperative to realize that there are many causes of Alzheimer's and in many cases diet alone will dramatically improve your condition.  Scientist have not found the exact cause of Alzheimer's disease yet, but many consider that Alzheimer's disease is caused by several factors not just one thing.  From genetics, diet, mercury toxicity, obesity and age, all factors are being considered.  Being physically active after the age of 65 may prevent Alzheimer's disease.  Some suggested activities are: rebounding, gardening, dancing and walking.

Alzheimer's Disease or Dementia:

Dementia and Alzheimer's are not the same thing.  Dementia is the progressive decline in cognitive function, beyond what is considered to be normal aging.  Dementia may be caused by several factors including Alzheimer's, stroke, medications, other diseases and diet.  Alzheimer's is caused only by one thing.  Alzheimer's disease is a progressive brain disorder that attacks the brain's nerve cells, thus causing memory loss, a change in behavior, thinking and language problems.

The Power of Positive Thinking and Faith Healings:

There are a number of success stories involving faith healing.  Knowing that you will be well again and searching for willpower using your inner strength.  One such program that has been successful in helping Alzheimer's and dementia patients is EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique.   This technique works on tapping and using affirmations to heal patients with Alzheimer's disease. 

Amalgam Removal :

According to Tom Warren (, "The primary cause of Alzheimer's is "iatrogenic" disease caused by chronic low level mercurial poisoning from amalgam dental fillings."

Dental cleanup is necessary if you want to completely recover from Alzheimer's disease.  This can be very expensive and if you do not have the money to go to a professional mercury-free dentist, do not do anything.  Going to a dentist not experienced in amalgam removal can do more damage than leaving the fillings in place.  Read more on the subject here:

As the series continues, there will be information on the proper detoxification programs of the brain, colon, kidney and liver.  There will also be information on chelating, depression and diet.  Part III will cover prevention methods and daily life adjustments.

Part II

This is a continuation of part I on the many facets of Alzheimer's disease.  This part will talk briefly about some of the known successful treatments and cures.

Detoxification Protocols :

According to Dr. Phillip Hodes, a total body and brain detoxification program must be started including a supervised juice fasting program.  Raw juice therapy helps  to flush the toxins out of the body.  It is also necessary to begin a body cleansing program including the flushing of the colon, kidney and liver.  A strong deworming protocol followed by a healthy diet, such as the diet suggested by Dr. Johanna Budwig is also necessary. Dr. Hodes suggest also that success has been seen in the early stages by drinking only purified water and herbal teas.

Chelation Therapy:

Chelation therapy has long been touted as being successful with Alzheimer's disease.  Chelating substances work together in a bonding reaction, (similar to a magnet attracting iron shavings), this acts to remove toxic compounds from the body and thus allowing them to be passed out of the body through urination. Here are some popular examples:

1. According to Dr. Klinghardt, a simple pesto can move mercury and toxic metals out of the system.  His recipe is to make a pesto of fresh cilantro, water, sea salt and olive oil.  Place all in a blender or food processor and mix until creamy.  Take 1-3 tablespoons of this mixture with meals.

2.  The following is the daily dosage of a oral chelation method. It should be taken every day for three months and after that, take once a month per year as a preventive or as maintenance.

Take Hawthorn berry, Butcher's Broom, and bromelain as directed on the bottle. Follow with Vitamin C 1000 mg, Vitamin B complex that has 100 mg of each B vitamin, Magnesium 250 mg and a multi-vitamin as directed on the bottle. Also take CQ-10 25mg, L-Proline 500 mg and L-Lysine 500 mg.

3. One of the best ways to chelate heavy metals is with EDTA chelation therapy.  This therapy is administered by a doctor through an IV.  It is expensive, but it is said to heal the Alzheimer's disease quickly.

Food Rotation Diet:

Researchers found that a rotation diet or elimination diet was beneficial for Alzheimer's patients.  You must rotate the foods you are eating weekly and not eat that same food again for 7 days.  By following this plan, you will eliminate food allergens that you are addicted to.  Some of the main triggers are night shade vegetables, wheat, eggs, walnuts, peanuts, soy, strawberries, shellfish, fish and dairy.  Also you need to eliminate all sugar, alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, and processed foods.

Depression and Alzheimer's Disease:

Approximately 40% of people diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease are extremely depressed and have some difficulty coping with what is happening to them.  They cannot think clearly and they are in a constant state of fog.  Due to their cognitive problems, they are not always able to explain to you what they are feeling.  Most Alzheimer's patients are quiet and withdrawn and lack the interest to socialize or leave the home.  What might constitute depression in others may not be depression in an Alzheimer's patient, but merely a progression of the disease.

Natural alternatives are available for depression and stress.  A simple favorite is to take some black cumin seeds and crush them together with a one inch piece of fresh ginger and have the patient eat this all at once.  Another one that works very well is anise tea made from whole anise seeds and fresh mint.

Part III

According to a report on the BBC, eating curry weekly may prevent or fight dementia.  According to Dr. Mary Newport, it just may be the coconut milk that prevents Alzheimer's and dementia instead of the curry itself, which has a minimal amount of curcumin.  Indian curries are made with coconut milk, which has lots of coconut oil in the milk, which is beneficial for Alzheimer's disease.

Although she is not specifically denying the benefit of curry powders, the higher quality coconut milk might be the optimum choice here.  The spice turmeric is beneficial to Alzheimer's disease and dementia, but it must be taken in higher quantities than presently found in the curry powders.  The ingredients in curry powders are: coriander, turmeric, mustard, cumin, chilies, fenugreek, black pepper, garlic, fennel, poppy seeds and curry leaves.

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, "The curry powder samples, with one exception, had relatively small amounts of curcumin present, and the variability in content was great."  The amount of turmeric in curry spice is very minimal and cannot be compared with pure turmeric powder which is optimum for cancer treatment and other diseases.

Read this article on the use of curcumin and vitamin D3:

Aspartame and Alzheimer's Disease:

Anyone who wants to be free of Alzheimer's disease "MUST" eliminate all packaged and processed foods especially artificial sweeteners. Aspartame is by far the worst food you could eat.  Aspartame is a chemical poison and must be avoided in all cases.  Of all the cases reported to the FDA for adverse reactions in foods, aspartame accounts for 75% of them.

According to researchers and physicians studying the adverse effects of aspartame, "The following chronic illnesses can be triggered or worsened by ingesting aspartame: brain tumors, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, chronic fatigue syndrome, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's, mental retardation, lymphoma, birth defects, fibromyalgia, and diabetes."


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Addition Guidelines:

1.  Eat a healthy diet and avoid all fish and animal products. 

2. Try to get some morning sun before 10am and go to bed early to make sure your body has plenty of rest.

3. Remove all bad fats from your diet and supplement with a good liquid omega-3 oil, such as Barleans Flax oil, UDO Choice Oil Blend or Carson Fish Oil.  It is imperative to mix this oil with some yogurt.  Take 1/4 cup of yogurt and add in 1 teaspoon of the oil and mix well.  Eat this twice a day.  Follow the Johanna Budwig protocol for wellness including juicing of fruits and vegetables.

4.  Drink lots of water and hydrate the brain as the brain of the Alzheimer's patient shrinks.  It takes around 6 months to rehydrate the brain from drinking plenty of fresh pure water daily.

5. Avoid all statin drugs.  Statin drugs have been proven to cause memory loss.  Do not take any vaccinations either.

I suggest Mountain Rose Herbs for the purchase of your lecithin, herbs and essential oils such as Nigella sativa, olive oil and more.

6. Herbs that have been proven beneficial for Alzheimer's disease include: Swedish Bitters, ginkgo, cell salts and Bach Flowers. Positive results have also been shown using olive oil.  A good remedy is to take 1/4 cup of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil mixed with the juice of 1/2 lemon before sleeping.  This is a good alternative for lecithin.

7. Eliminate all aluminum cookware, foils and antiperspirants.

8. Eliminate all gas appliances in the home.

9. Start up an exercise program, such as aerobics or rebounding.

10. Keep your mind busy with new learning projects, such as learning a new language or doing crossword puzzles.
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