Bill Clinton is now Vegan

I saw a recent picture of Bill Clinton and was not very impressed with his very thin demeanor, but you must understand that he is doing this diet to save his life, not win a beauty contest. The picture above is when he was President.  He was handsome and someone many looked up to.  I am however impressed with his love of life and desire to live healthy.

He is on a reverse your heart diet by Drs Esselstyn and Ornish.  The diet is drastic but quite frankly one I support totally.  You are allowed no meat, chicken, turkey or fish at all.  No eggs either in fact.  You do not eat dairy, sugar or processed foods of any kind.  What you can eat is veggies, beans, fruits whole wheat pasta, brown rice and almond milk.  You cannot have nuts or avocados as they are high in fats.

The Dr. Esselstyn Diet also does not allow nuts or avocados as they are high in fats.  You are allowed to eat brown rice, wheat pasta and you may use almond milk for your smoothies as Clinton does.

Flax seed is suggested to have once a day for the Omega 3 fatty acids.  Clinton has a protein shake for breakfast with almond milk and fruit to get all his protein from.  He has lost 24 pounds and claims to feel great.

While the diet is extreme, it may be exactly what is needed to live a long and healthy life.  I have been researching the diet all night as I plan to going the same exact diet.  I do not have heart problems yet, lol.  I do feel an ounce of prevention is worth millions of dollars in doctor bills down the road.

Photo courtesy of Photobucket/japanesetyphoon