Learn How to Support a Vegan Lifestyle Naturally From Your Own Garden

A vegan lifestyle is more than just recipes and foods, it is a way of life. That life requires that you cannot be cruel to animals. Animal cruelty is the main reason that many vegetarians switch to being vegans. So, the best way to be a vegan is to grow your own food. This way you know exactly what is in the ingredients. Growing your own garden, can be organic and it can be a lot of fun.

Vegans must stay away from all processed foods including dairy and eggs. Many vegans do not realize that processed sugars are off the tables too . Some vegans choose to eat small amounts of honey, but most abstain from all honey. A good solution is water soaked dates for the sugar. So what exactly can a vegan have to eat? Anything he wants, as long as it is not processed or a animal product. This leaves the field open for plenty of fruits, vegetables and nuts and seeds.

A perfect garden is both organic and varied. You can grow tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, green onions, water cress, basil, mint, green peppers and more. If you look at this list, you will see a salad. There is nothing better than to go outside and pick yourself a fresh green salad. You don't even have to wash the greens, as you know exactly what is on the veggies, nothing. A organic garden would have no pesticides at all.

Most vegans must be aware of their health and protein, so they must substitute with things like beans and flax seeds or chia seeds. A salad topped with some freshly cracked pumpkin and sunflower seeds is marvelous. There can be no cheese, as this is animal products. But what you can have is a huge salad with nuts and seeds topped with pomegranate seeds. Yes, from your garden.

For breakfast you can have a green smoothie from your garden such as:
  • - 1 cup of spinach
  • - 1 cup of water
  • - 2 frozen bananas
  • - 1 pear
  • - 1 pack of stevia
  • - 1 ground tablespoon of flax seed and pollen mixed
Place in a blender and blend for 45 seconds.

An easy breakfast full of vitamins and nutrients. Being vegan is not difficult with the right planning. Having a garden is both fun and relaxing and something you can involve your whole family in. It is not only important for you to be vegan but your children also.

Photo courtesy of Photobucket - cfuruya_too