Healthy Diets for Women

Women today are more active than ever.  It is essential that any woman, especially those over 40 eat sensibly and healthy.  Longevity is a huge topic today and to avoid and prevent cancer, diabetes and other major illnesses, follow these guidelines and tips contained in this article.

There are certain healthy diet foods that every woman should eat. A diet low in fat, the use of good oils and lots of fresh and organic vegetables is the best diet to consume. Vegetarians have fewer incidences of cancer and heart disease when the diet is followed properly with adequate alternative sources of protein.

What is a healthy diet?

A healthy diet for women is one which you can follow for the rest of your life. While some soup diets are healthy and nutritious, it is basically impossible to eat only soup for the rest of your life. Nutrition foods include foods from many sources, including healthy oils.

All forms of corn and soy oils should be avoided. Regular consumption of healthy olive oil is the best when used properly. A home diet should consist of limited amounts of oil from any source though. One cup of oil equals 2000 calories and a healthy diet for a woman should be limited to not more than 1500 calories per day.

According to recent studies, the healthiest diets are: vegetarian, vegan, Mediterranean, low carbohydrates, heart healthy and the Dash Diet. If you do follow a vegetarian diet, make sure to get adequate protein and calcium in your diet.

Healthy diet foods

A proper diet meal would include proper food combining. How your food is digested is just as important as the foods you are consuming. Foods which stay in the colon for too long will become toxic and thus harm the entire body. It is important to know how to avoid this problem and eliminate bloating. Remember:

  • Do not eat meat with rice or bread.
  • Eat meat with vegetables.
  • Eat vegetables with rice or bread, never both.
  • Eat fruits before the meal.
  • Do not eat sour and sweet fruits together.
  • Do not drink water with your meal.
  • Do not eat very hot food with very cold.
When you are looking for healthy foods to add to your diet, look at foods in the low to medium glycemic index scale. These foods are the lowest in sugars and will help your digestion process. Foods to avoid are: enriched flour, sugar, white rice and processed foods.

Gourmet meals delivered

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