I Saw an Angel Today - Am I Good Enough

A man told me the other day that I am the unluckiest person in the whole world.  I told him I am special and Allah always watches out for me and he laughed.  I told him I am quite serious and he quit speaking to me as I guess he thought I was crazy.  Allah or God tests his followers and although many things have happened to me in the past, I look at them as blessings.  We just never know when something bad will turn into something good as it did today.

I very stupidly uninstalled a main program in my computer and my internet would not work.  I was so upset and had to run to town with the computer to get it fixed prior to late this evening as tomorrow is Friday, my religious day.  The man fixed my computer and I was lucky enough to find one man to fix my cameras at my house too.  Although the day was bad, something good was happening. 

On the way home, I hailed a taxi and luckily got in and the man was playing Quran.  He was a sheik with a long beard and I felt at peace.  All of a sudden I saw an angel come close to him and was on his right shoulder.  I became afraid and stared asking Allah for his protection.  I debated about speaking to the man as it might sound wierd, but if he was to die today, I should be happy if I warned him.

I wondered if he was sick or if he had problems.  I finally leaned over the chair and told him that I saw an angel with him and I suggested to him to put on his seat belt, which he refused.  He told me he did not understand.  I was watching every corner and traffic light very careful, afraid this was the end.  I thought about how to protect myself in case of a car crash.

Again I saw the angel very close to him.  When he brought me to my home, I asked if he was sick and he said no.  He was very kind.  I thought about doubling the fair and giving it to him, but the angel said no I should give him more.  So I gave him a large tip.  He told me, but I don't have any change.  I told him this was for him as a gift for Allah.

I asked him please to drive careful and to put his seatbelt on.  I was finally able to explain to him about the angel and he seemed concerned.  I am not sure if he is that close to Allah or if his time is near, but either way it left me with peace.  I ran home to pray.

After praying I wrote to a family member and she did not believe my story or that I could indeed see angels.  It does not matter if anyone believes, it only matters if I am good enough.  I felt humbled by the entire situation and I knew Allah was calling me.  Maybe the angel was for me and not for him.  Either way, my angel guided me home safely and securely without harm.

I sometimes wished people would believe me, but then again it matters not.  As long as Allah thinks I am good enough, is that not enough?