What is an Elimination Diet

This is an Allergy Avoidance Plan - Changing Foods Every Four Days

One of the leading causes of hives and allergies is food. The main "culprits" are wheat, dairy, eggs, peanuts, walnuts, soy, strawberries, fish and shellfish.

An elimination diet is just what it says: eating one food every four days. So if eating tomatoes today, wait until the 5th day to eat them again. The nightshades (tomatoes, multi-color peppers, hot peppers, eggplants and potatoes) are sometimes the "culprits" in many of the tests.

So start with tomatoes on the first day to see. Eat tomatoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. By the evening the patient should have a reaction, if the tomatoes are the "culprit."


What is an Elimination Diet

The elimination diet is a simple tool to remove food from your diet that the patient and his doctor think may be causing the hives and allergy problems. During the elimination phase, keep a very good diary of everything that is being eaten. Read labels and ask exactly what is in meals when eating out.

During the times where the foods are being eliminated, look for reactions to foods and document each reaction. If after removing a certain food, such as tomatoes from the diet and the symptoms disappear, keep note of that. Then the patient can tell the doctor, so he can see the correlation of the foods and the symptoms.

While eating the different foods make sure the patient is getting the same nutrients as when he was not dieting. The patient may substitute green leafy vegetables for the lack of dairy in the diet. Do not starve - the patient may eat plenty of the foods that don't bother him.

Sometimes it is better to cook the fruits and vegetables, as they are tolerated better that way. Experiment with both ways and see if there is any reactions.

What Happens in the Final Stages

After the patient has eliminated all food culprits, then begin to reintroduce the foods back and look for reactions. Sometimes a food allergen must be avoided for six months or more, until the toxins in the body are released.
The mind is a very powerful tool and sometimes the mere thought that one food is the problem, can cause a reaction, so with the help of one's doctor, the patient can see if it is psychological or real.



Dangers with the Elimination Diet

Some foods may cause you to go in to anaphylactic shock with the introduction of the food in a large amount. Follow the guidance of your doctor and do exactly as he suggests.

This diet has had high success when followed properly. The key to the success of the diet is to continue to eliminate foods that caused reactions.

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