How to Grow a Cherry Tree from Seeds

I always wondered if it was possible to grow a cherry tree from seeds as I eat lots of cherries and throw out the seeds.  Have you ever tried to deseed a cherry for ice cream or jam?  It is not an easy job.  So doing some researching today I found this very easy solution.

Reserve your seeds and wash them.  Then place them on your kitchen window to dry out.  In the fall plant them in the ground to germinate.  Make sure to mark the area where they are planted and then in the spring little sprouts will start to come.  After the sprouts are 8 to 10 inches high, transplant them to a place where you want the cherry tree to grow. 

Now I have to say, you must plan on taking several years to see this tree grow before you will be picking any cherries.  But it sure is a fun thought for this day.

Photo courtesy of Photobucket:  Stellie_pea