Natural Remedies to Safeguard You During Flu Season

One of the best solutions for safeguarding you and your family during the flu season is to follow the advice of Dr. Shultz. He recommends enchinacea and garlic. The enchinacea should be fresh and if you cannot stand to eat the fresh garlic then you may take the powder. There is no better solution according to him.

He ask, "Will you get sick this flu season?" The answer is, yes you will and you better know which way to go.

The best solution is with the fresh root of the enchinacea plant and you should suck on this root throughout the day, in fact he says each waking moment of the day. As for garlic, take as much as you can.

Some other things you should do is to make some herbal teas with the enchinacea fresh roots. Never boil the fresh herbs but merely boil the water and pour boiled water over the fresh root and let it steep for 1 hour. The next thing we should do is make a tincture for health and most do use vodka but my preference is to use raw apple cider vinegar.

When you have the flu, you must plan on taking enchinacea for one week or more. If you are using the tincture then take 2 ounces daily. If you are just feeling tired and not the full blown attack yet you should take 120 drops divided 5 times a day. Also, according to herbalist Uny on the Curezone forum, nothing is better than enchinacea.
Many cannot tolerate garlic so it is permitted to place the garlic in capsules or to make some fresh raw garlic. 

This is easily done with some red wine vinegar. Peel all the garlic cloves and fill a jar with this. Take 1/4 of a jar in red wine vinegar and mix with 1 teaspoon of salt and the rest in fresh filtered water. Pour this over the garlic and let sit for one week. After one week, the bulbs will be softened and have a slightly bitter, but nice taste. I take 4-5 cloves when I am sick.

The final thing that is absolutely necessary, is to take olive leaf. It will knock out a cold or flu in one day. Take fresh or dried leaves and place them in a coffee grinder and grind up and add a bit of grape seed or fennel and add to the ground leaves and grind again. This make the mixture easier to stuff in capsules. Take 9 capsules a day if you are taking enchinacea or 21 capsules for one day if you do not have any enchinacea. Olive leaf is a anti viral herbal medicine and has been used for thousands of years.

Finally, I want to say that with the approaching flu season that we must be on guard with proper diet and exercise and be in the process of preparations. A home that is prepared is worth its weight in gold.