How is Mono Diagonsed?

Mono is also known as infectious mononucleosis or more commonly referred to as the kissing disease or glandular fever. Mono is caused by the Epstein Barr Virus which is a member of the herpes virus family. The term mononucleosis is an increase in white blood cells (lymphocytes) in the blood stream. It attacks the immune system and weakens the body. Mono is diagnosed by a simple blood test that any laboratory and doctor can order.

The problem is that Mono is very similar to the flu and in most cases it is misdiagnosed for years. Sometimes the patient becomes very sick and repeatedly goes to the doctor, only to be sent home with a diagnosis that they are fine and nothing more than a flu.

Some of the signs of Mono are:
  • - sore throat
  • - fever
  • - swollen glands
  • - swollen spleen
  • - malaise
  • - lack of appetite
  • - chills
What causes Mono:

As EBV causes Mono, you will see that up to 95 percent of the world population is carrying the virus but only 5 percent actually come down with Mono. Why is this? Because due to some change in the system the body becomes susceptible such as anger or increased sadness. So the person that is carrying the antibodies directed against EBV indicates, that at some point in time in their life they had been infected with the virus.

Normally the immune system has the capability to attack any virus entering the system, but when the EBV is present, it is unable to do this. The antibodies can be seen in the blood of infected people. So your immune system impaired and you are more susceptible to disease now.

What can be done:
  • 1. Get lots of rest. One of the signs of EBV or Mono is insomnia, so your body is extremely tired and weak. Trying to find ways to rest is difficult.
  • 2. You must take vitamins and supplements. Don't let anyone tell you that you must give up vitamins to be healthy. Most Mono patients have malabsorption problems. So many vitamins are necessary to fight off disease.
  • 3. Many Mono patients are on some type of anti depression medicine, as depression is a main problem of the disease. There are many natural medicines such as ginger and black seeds or anise teas.
  • 4. Mono patients need protein of some sort and a basic Mediterranean diet.
  • 5. Extreme depression is also normal and it is suggested to take some kind of medicine or anti-depressant to help during the beginning of the disease. There are many natural medicines.
  • 6. Ionic Silver Spray is amazing.  It is 10,000 times stronger than Colloidal Silver.
The news is that the one thing that can aide EBV is olive leaf. Olive leaf has been proven to aide in the treatment of Mono and EBV. There is still no cure, but certainly there is relief in sight.

Mono and EBV are both "Chronic Fatigue" diseases and the malaise is the worse. After the treatment progresses, your system will return back to normal and it will be as if you were never sick. Even though there is no cure, there is hope for a total new you.